About our Brands – Steel Blue Boots

Steel Blue is 100% Australian owned having launched its first products in 1995. Their goal was then and is still to manufacture and market the most comfortable safety footwear in the world.

They have always prioritised the research and development of new cutting edge products, technology and customer service . In 2001, they moved to larger premises within Western Australia to meet the growing demand for their products as they expanded their markets nationally ,overseas and locally.

As recognition of their dedication to providing not only a comfortable boot but one which also positively impacts the foot health of the consumer, Steel Blue has been officially endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). The APA only endorses products that offer a direct health benefit for the patients of physiotherapists, which makes them the first and only work boots in Australia to be endorsed by the APA.

The technological advancements of Steel Blue boots helps protect the wearer against stress related injuries to the ankles, knees, hips. The endorsement by the APA highlights Steel Blue’s focus on high calibre safety footwear.

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