Five Health and Safety Tips for Tradies

We all need our tradies; they’re the people who build, design, fix and install the infrastructure and equipment we rely on.

Having a physical job, be it as a plumber, a gas fitter or construction worker, means having to look after his or her health and safety to make sure they can do the job well and carry on in to the future.

Here are five tips to help tradespeople of all stripes to stay healthy and safe on – and off – the job.

Make time for regular physio or doctor visits

It stands to reason that tradies are more at risk of injury than most other workers. Whether it’s caused by repetitive movements, careless lifting or a sudden mishap, those injuries can happen. This is why tradies need to find a good physio, masseur, chiropractor or any of the many therapists out there these days to monitor them for the development of any repetitive injury problems and to help them to recover from musculo-skeletal problems or injuries with the least down time possible. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE …so regular massages can definitely reduce your chances of injury.

Always wear personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is just as essential as any other tool of the trade. It’s vital that PPE is worn or used for each job – it can save a lot of minor injuries occurring to ears and eyes , as well as helping to make sure insurers pay out you do have a major accident at work.

Watch the sun

Working outdoors, as many tradies do, means a lot of exposure to the sun which can mean sunburn at least and skin cancer at worst. Think of sunscreen as another sort of PPE if necessary, and if possible, move some tasks to shaded areas or try to get some jobs done in the early morning or evening.

Eat healthy food

Hard physical work does need a lot of calories, but these calories are better if they come from healthy sources! Fatty pies, fizzy drinks and sweet treats do you no favours in the long run .Much better with a healthy salad roll, fruit and water and save end of day beers for the weekend….then feel free to enjoy a cold one..or two!!


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