Why is it important to look for work wear and boots that meet Australian Safety Standards?

A “safety standard” means that your work clothing and boots plus your PPE has been approved for use by the relevant authority in your state or territory. This standard has to be met by manufacturers in order for them to sell their products in the market place . Each garment ,boot, glove or hat must have a tag or a stamp to certify that it meets the required safety standard for that particular product .

Don’t be tempted to buy a cheaper inferior products ……you can’t put a price on your safety . If you have an accident and you’re not wearing or using approved safety gear your Workers Compensation may be void. Worse still, clothing or footwear that does not reach the safety standard may not fully protect you and in the case of an injury could leave you unable to work.

It is important to be aware that unscrupulous individuals at markets be selling work wear at “bargain ” prices however they may well have been imported from another country and would may not meet Australian Safety Standards.

It is also important to be aware that the safety standards change from time to time so it’s wise to ask the retailer if the product meets the very latest standard.

Whether it is a steel toe cap to protect your feet or goggles to protect your eyes only the safest and best approved items will do in times of crisis.

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We are proud to let all our customers know that we only stock products that reach the required safety standards standard so be assured that you will have the best protection when you need it most!

For more information on safety standards go to www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au

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