The Inside Story on Boots!

Have you ever noticed just how comfortable your work boots are? They may look heavy, hot and not very comfortable to the outsider but even after a long day on your feet, you probably feel as though you could keep on wearing your boots for hours longer because they are so comfy!

Work boots are crafted to meet safety standards and protect your feet, but these days they are also made with comfort in mind.

So how do boot manufacturers achieve this?

Well, it really is down to the layers that go into making up the inside of the boot but of course they can’t exist without something to hold them in place !

So on the bottom we have …

The Outsole

On many boots you will find that the outsole (the outer part of the underneath of the shoe) is made from a hardwearing and durable material such as Nitrile or Thermoplastic Urethane. These are strong materials that will not only help against penetration but also are heat resistant too.

then we have …

The Midsole

The midsole is one part of the shoe that often absorbs most of the impact from walking, standing and generally being on your feet all day. They are designed for shock absorption yet still need to be lightweight.

followed by ….

The Insole

The insole is the part of the boot that is in direct contact with your foot . In work boots the insole contains anti odour and anti-bacterial properties which guards against rather embarrassing issue of stink foot and also fungal infections.

and lastly…

The Upper

Premium quality , water resistant leather that wraps around your foot to keep you safe and dry.

All of these things come together to keep your feet supported and comfortable throughout the day.

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