Why You Should Invest in Branded Workwear

You might baulk at the idea of paying for branded workwear for your staff, but no matter how small your enterprise is, you should stump up. You don’t have to go all out – some embroidery on a polo shirt, or your logo on a hi-vis vest, for example – but you should make some sort of investment, and here’s why.

It’s free advertising for ever

Well, obviously, you have to pay for the initial embroidery or fabric printing, but once it’s done, your staff will go about their business, advertising yours! The more mainstream forms of advertising are becoming more competitive and expensive and people don’t necessarily trust them anymore. However, if one of your delivery guys rocks up to someone’s door, pets the dog and shuts the gate on his way out – that logo on his back will work wonders…

It increases brand recognition

Think of a delivery service. Why do you think of it? Because of the iconic colour of the uniform is imprinted into your brain and maybe because of the distinctive embroidery details. If you get your branding right, people will remember your company ahead of any others when they need your service. This is especially important if you’re in a competitive sector.

It helps your employees

Several studies have shown that by branding your workwear you give your staff a sense of shared identity and purpose, as well as professional and corporate pride. This has the knock-on effect of making your staff more loyal and productive, as well as being instantly recognisable to customers both in and out of your premises.

It also helps your customers

If your staff all have distinctive logos, then customers can tell them apart from another customer who just happens to also have a green polo shirt on . Branding means the member of staff is available and ready to help and, most importantly, isn’t seen as just another customer; this means people are more likely to approach staff for help.

Branding is easier these days

It’s easier to embroider fabrics or to print all sorts of designs on them now, especially with the many different software and printer package available to these service providers.

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