What is moisture wicking fabric and how does it keep you cool?

When it comes to buying workwear it seems that there are a whole host of fancy fabrics which boast features that can make your working day all that much more comfortable.

Whilst you will find that some may help, it is moisture wicking fabric that really seems to benefit those who work up a sweat during their everyday working lives.

What is moisture wicking fabric?
Moisture wicking fabric is designed to channel any moisture (sweat to you and me) away from your skin .

It’s a far cry from the good old days of polyester fabric which, far from keeping you cool , made you hot and sweaty! Whilst it may look and feel similar to the old polyester fabric , the technology involved in developing this moisture wicking fabric is complex and is being improved upon every year.

The fabric is made of tiny little capillaries( hollow tubes ) which draw the moisture to the outside of the fabric . It is then evaporated , then end result being that it cools you down! The “tubes” are small enought to let sweat out but not so small that precipitation can get it in!

Who should wear it?
This is ideal fabric for those with outdoor jobs or for those working within hot environments where you start to feel the heat after only a short time.

Where can I get it?
Tempted by the idea of staying that little bit cooler? If you are then why not check out the workwear collection on our website. We have a wide range of items that contain this magical wicking fabric, all of which will help you to stay cool, even when the heat is on you!

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