Safety features to look out for when choosing your work boots!

Most people, when asked about workplace safety shoes or boots think of steel-capped boots, but there are many other types of workplace safety boots that get overlooked.

Considering that workers are often on their feet for many hours a day, it’s surprising how little attention is given to footwear – there’s goggles, gloves, overalls and so on, but feet are often catered for last!

This needs to change, because injuries to feet and lower legs can be disastrous; more thought should be given to safety boots, and here’s why:

Protection from falling objects
Fast-moving workplaces where heavy objects are being carried and machines are busy the potential for crushing injuries to feet and toes is high so steel capped boots are important.Some boots also have a metatarsal guard that protects the top of your foot for added safety !

Protection from puncture wounds
Building sites often have sharp objects on unfinished floors or on the ground outside. Puncture wounds are very painful and prone to nasty infections and so it makes sense to prevent them by choosing boots with penetration resistant soles.

Protection from cuts
Chainsaws or other machinery involving sharp blades can cause catastrophic foot injuries, this is where your steel toe caps, metatarsal guards and premium quality leather come in again! We have seen some damaged boots that, due to having these features, have saved tradies from what would have been very nasty injuries including complete loss of toes!

Protection from electricity
Not often considered, but electricity is a potential hazard in many workplaces. Workers could get shocked or electrocuted, so footwear made from rubber, leather or other non-conductive materials helps to keep everyone safe.

Another hazard is a static build-up in boot soles – a spark discharge could be fatal in some environments. Electrical hazard reduction boots are readily available!

Protection from falls
Every workplace has a degree of potential for slips and falls, but industrial workplaces much more so. Of course there should be other measures in place, like anti-slip tape, but boots with high traction soles are also invaluable, especially if the work environment involves steps or ladders. Well-fitting footwear also helps to maintain balance, which is important. Boots with high ankle support are available in many styles and brands.

Protection from fatigue
If workers are on their feet all day, the muscles, bones and ligaments in the feet and ankles can become fatigued. Arch supports and superior cushioning helps to prevent this, which in turn helps to keep workers agile and alert. Long term, these measures also prevent backache and hip problems.

Protection from chemical burns
Hot tar, acids, molten metal, chemicals and hot surfaces are common hazards – all taken care of by the right footwear. Many boots have the option of a highly heat resistant sole and some are made specifically from chemical resistant leather.

Taking the above factors into consideration, you can see that it’s very important to make sure that the boot you choose is suited to the type of work you do!

Feel free to give us a call if you would like more information when deciding which boot is right for you, or check out the boots on our website all of which have their individual safety features listed!

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