Mens Safety Boots and Shoes

Safety at work starts from the feet up! A good, stout pair of work shoes or boots is essential in hazardous environments – they can prevent slips and trips, protect the delicate metatarsal footbones from heavy objects, as well as prove resistant to electricity and dangerous chemicals. Workwear and Boots Discount Direct  has a huge range of work boots, covering most conditions and environments. All of the range’s models feature thick, comfortable non-slip soles, some with extra comfort padding.

There’s hiker style boots which offer some flexibility at the ankles, or higher safety boots which give more protection to the ankle and lower leg. Alternatively, there’s models with or without bumpcaps, as well as with or without steel toe caps . The choice of boot or show depends on the particular hazards each workplace presents, but whatever they may be – chemicals, high temperatures, unstable, rough or slippery surfaces – Workwear has just the solution.

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