Womens Safety Boots and Shoes

It’s all about the equal opportunities these days and women are making their way into heavier and heavier industries – and not as secretaries, either. Their feet need just as much protection as the men’s feet do, but very often, the ladies want a bit more style and colour in their work lives!

Workwear is more than happy to oblige here. There’s the Steel Blue Argyle black lace-up safety boot, which has all the important features of the men’s boot, only with an added pop of purple on the sole and in the lining. Or, for even more colour, there’s an entirely purple Argyle, as well as a wheat-coloured version, still with the purple lining and sole insert.

The Steel Blue Southern Cross lace-up boots are real eye-catchers though, coming as they do in bright pink, sand and purple – safety can actually be fun!

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