Stay Warm at Work this Winter

Winter is here and if you work outside for at least part of the day, then you’ll be feeling the chill already. Of course, staying physically active, if you work on a building site, helps you to stay warm, but only so much. You also, of course, need to stop every now and again to rest, have a drink or a snack, or to perform a task that means standing still. These all mean you can feel a bit cold, which can lead to being less alert and less productive.

Here’s how to stay warm at work this winter:

Learn how to layer

You’ll already know about rugging up, but did you know that layering is actually more effective at keeping you warm? Every layer provides a barrier that prevents your body heat from escaping into the blue (or grey) yonder.

Two layers is usually OK for indoor work, but for outdoor work you need two thin layers and a thick outer layer. Your innermost layer should be the thinnest and it should wick away sweat from your skin. The middle layer should be a bit thicker and the outermost layer should be something like a fleece.

There are hi-vis outerwear options

If you need to wear hi-vis, it’s no longer the case that you have to put on a rustling, strappy, annoying tabard over your coat or fleece. There are many high-contrast, hi-vis fleeces and reflective padded trousers available now. Just remember to wear a hi-vis shirt underneath if you take your fleece off regularly.

Stay hydrated

As odd as it sounds, you should drink plenty of fluids in colder weather. The cold makes you pee more (yup, it’s not a myth) and this can lead to you becoming dehydrated. This is the perfect excuse for lots of tea or even hot squash (who doesn’t love this?) to warm up and replace lost fluids. Even slight dehydration can lead to a loss in performance and alertness, so it’s important.

Put your fleece back on when you stop heavy work

You’ll have worked up a sweat and if you suddenly stop working, that sweat will evaporate, taking a lot of body heat with it and you’ll get chilled. Being chilled should be reserved for when you get home…

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