Sun Safety for Tradies

One of the biggest draws to the trades for many is the chance to work outdoors. Who wouldn’t love all that sun, fresh air and the sense of freedom that standing on rooftops can bring…….well maybe except when its 40 degrees!?

As an outdoor worker, you could be getting up to ten times the maximum daily dose of UV radiation every working day. Over time, this means premature aging, cataracts and even the big baddie – skin cancer.

Of course, we’ve all known about the Slip, Slop, Slap campaign for years now and hopefully most of us follow it closely. There are things you can  still do, however, to make your day in the sun even safer. After all, if your job takes you into bright sun every day, you need to up your game – and your SPF.

Wear a decent SPF…….

You need at least 30+ and 50+ is even better plus it  should also be waterproof and long-lasting, just in case you forget to reapply. Don’t forget areas like the tips of your ears , back of your neck and back of your knees– you’d be surprised where you can get burnt!

Wear protective clothing…….

There are many clothes on the market now that offer an SPF of 50, so make use of them. If you wear shorts then dont forget sunscreen on those legs!

Stay hydrated……

Dehydration can cause tiredness and loss of concentration which is when accidents sometimes happen . You need to look out for your mates as well as yourself, so remind everyone around you to take a break and down some water. Many employers make special rehydrating fluids available for employees these days .These contain electrolytes which you lose when you sweat so they’re better than plain water.

Schedule long outdoor jobs for the cooler parts of the day…..

When you can, perform longer outdoor tasks in the early morning or evening so the sun is less intense. Another solution if you can’t always do this is to bring along a canopy or pop-up covering that you can move around. This should offer some shade – although don’t forget that hat and sunscreen!


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