Tips to ensure your new work boots fit properly!

Tips to ensure your new work boots fit properly!

Many workers spend their whole day on their feet and it’s the feet that bear the entire bodyweight so it’s vital to look after them properly which includes having boots that fit correctly. Incorrectly fitting boots can cause anything from blisters and heel pain to back pain and even headaches.

There are 26 bones, 32 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments in your foot! As you can imagine, days spent standing in unsupportive boots can damage these joints, bones and ligaments leading ongoing foot problems for years to come .

Why the right fit is essential and how to go about getting it!

  1. The days of “breaking in” boots are GONE ! Your boots should be comfortable from day 1! Yes, they may soften up a bit but they WILL NOT become more comfortable !
  2. Make sure you have enough toe room. With boots on but not laced up you should be able to fit a fingers width down behind you ankle when you slide your toes forward.

3. The heel should feel secure with little or no “slippage”.

4. There should be no side pressure or pain. Pressure points are usually found on the joints at the base of both the big toe and little toe and on the top of the big toe.

5. Test for ankle support by gently rolling your foot to one side and then the other .

6. Go for a walk and test for “hot spots” that may cause rubbing or blisters

7. Try kneeling , bending and even a little jog!

  1. Squat and bounce …your heel should not move!
  2. Lace boots in the “heel lock” pattern which relieves pressure on the front of the foot and keeps the ankle back where it belongs!

10. Finally,no two brands of boot have the same features so try several different brands of boot. Some cater for broader feet, some have higher insteps, some are lower cut and so on but there’s bound to be one out there to suit you!


Your feet are not the same size ! Have them measured and always buy boots to fit the larger foot and then trial heel grips and /or innersoles for the other foot.

NEVER buy a smaller size of boot thinking they will stretch!

Socks can add up to half a size so always take the socks you intend to wear when you are buying new boots!

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