Are your tools or trade protected?

Tool Tips

  1. Don’t leave them lying around and have a secure lockable toolbox that’s bolted down to your vehicle if possible.
  2. Mark or engrave them as a deterrent to thieves as it makes them much harder to resell and easier to recover and return them to you them if they are stolen.
  3. Make sure your tools are insured! It might sound obvious but it’s easy to forget the basics when our lives are so busy these days.
  4. Keep an inventory of your tools including serial numbers, photos and receipts so that if you need to make an insurance claim you have all the necessary details.
  5. Look after your tools by keeping them in good condition and servicing them when necessary. The cost of replacement is often far greater than expected and an unnecessary   expense just because they haven’t been cared for properly!
  6. Once you have your tools protected you need to protect yourself so go to onto our site and grab a work wear or boot bargain! Work wear and boots at THE BEST PRICES ! More brands coming soon !

P.S. I could have called this blog Tips for Tools …but I didn’t ! Have a great day!

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