Top Health Tips for Tradies

If you’re a tradie, then you probably need to pay more attention to your physical health than most other workers as your livelihood relies upon you being fit and up to the job.

There’s no point ignoring a health problem, be it a sprain or an irregular-looking mole, because things can just get worse if left untreated or not investigated. If you’re worried about something, see your doctor or your physio rather than leaving it.

Most good health is down to prevention, though, so see if you can incorporate these tips in your daily life.

Watch your diet…….

Physical work needs calories, we know that. However, there are ways to get calories that improve your health. Ditch the lardy pies, milkshakes and sugary drinks and eat mixed-grain breads, lean chicken, oily fish beans and bananas instead. Try to take your own lunch and snacks to work as often as you can, so you’re not tempted to buy a bar of chocolate from the shop.

Don’t get down, get chatting…..

If you feel down or anxious, don’t think you can just work through it alone – you don’t have to. There are many helplines out there, as well as your real-life mates and your GP. Don’t try to be a hero. The days of men (and women) keeping their feelings to themselves are well and truly gone!

Get enough sleep……

Try to get as much sleep as you can. Go to bed early once or twice a week and limit screen time at night as its been proven to be disruptive to sleep . You need to stay energised and alert to work well.

Protect your ears and eyes……

If you’re often exposed to loud noises, you must wear ear muffs and remember to make an appointment at an audiology clinic at least once a year. Your vision is too important to take for granted so always wear protective eyewear where necessary when on site.

Don’t get burned….

If you work outside a lot you could be getting up to ten times as much UV as you should every day. Remember, slip, slop, slap!

Work your core…..

If you feel you’re prone to backache, then you need to strengthen your core muscles. There are loads of exercise Apps that demonstrate specific exercises  for different areas of the body. This will help your posture, flexibility and lifting abilities.

Make sure your tools are the best  you can afford…..

Update your tools as often as necessary so you have effective, lightweight and well-balanced tools so you’re not using more effort should be to get the job done .

Keep healthy and stay safe!

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