What Your Uniform Colour Says About Your Brand

Uniforms for work can be really beneficial to your company and your staff members. It helps workers to feel united and cohesive, gives them a shared identity and a common purpose. It also helps customers to recognise your brand, as well as to ask the right people for help when on your premises.

It can be difficult to choose the right uniform though. One of the first things you have to consider is the colour, as this is one of the most important attributes. The colour says something about your brand, strengthens corporate identity and helps with that vital sense of cohesion.

Choosing the right colour

The usual choice is to go for the colour that’s most dominant in your logo and trade dress, otherwise you could become overwhelmed with choices! You also need to make sure that your uniform colour is distinct and eye-catching, as well as hi-vis if your staff are often in a busy working environment or face potential hazards.

There’s meaning behind colours

Green, for example, often says that your brand and your business is environmentally friendly, may be organically orientated and has a keen sense of corporate social responsibility.

Blue suggests reliability and conservatism – a safe pair of hands that can take on and handle responsibility and tough tasks.Blue is very common as a uniform colour but dont let that stop you choosing it….there are  hundreds of different blues!!

Black is more sophisticated and business-like; it suggests intelligence and authority, which is why many higher-end restaurants dress their waiting staff in black.

Red, yellow and orange tend not to feature as frequently as these other colours because they can be seen as zany. Of course, if your brand is a bit zany and creative, and these bright colours are prominent in your logo, then go for it.

There’s other considerations as well


Uniforms need to be comfortable – not too tight or too loose and baggy. There shouldn’t be any weird loops, bows or silly hats either, and the uniform should be cut so that it looks good on a range of body shapes, not just on the tall and slim. Simple is always best.

The fabric

The fabric depends on what your business is. If your staff are outside a lot, you’ll need to choose garments manufactured from one of the many sturdy yet breathable fabrics that can protect from UV rays.

If you run a beauty parlour, then your uniforms need to be comfy and functional so it’s easy to bend down, around and over people when massaging for example. Both types of uniform will need to be easily washable and fade resilient, though, to make life easier for everyone.

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