To Zip or not to Zip

When it comes to working on a site, one thing is for sure, you are going to need boots to protect your feet. There is a dazzling array to choose from these days so the question is how do you choose between boots with zips and boots with laces and boots with zips AND laces!

While you may think you’ll just go with the good old pull on’s just be aware that some mine sites in particular will not allow elastic sided pull on boots due to the increased risk of ankle injuries because of lack of adequate support. Some sites also banned zip side boots because some lazy employees were walking around laced up but with zips undone …obviously completely unsafe!

Zips are quicker….

If you are working on a project whereby you need to be ready to go in a minute’s notice or where you are having to take your boots on and off a lot then you will want to opt for a work boot that has a zip rather than laces.

This will allow you to simply slide your foot in, zip up and you will be good to go. You can also say goodbye to laces breaking at the most inconvenient of times!

Zip up boot are also quicker to get off if for some reason in an emergency you need to jump out of your boots in a hurry!

On the down side zips do need a bit of maintenance ie. brushing off any dry dirt and dust with an old toothbrush and soapy water from time to time, however they are made tough to last the life of the boot .

Laces are more secure….

Whilst laces may be a little more fiddly then their zipper cousins, they may also offer more support to your feet and ankles . You can tighten a lace up boot as much as is comfortable for you, meaning that there is less chance they are going to become sloppy during your work day.

Laces could be ideal for you if you do a lot of walking or climbing and don’t need to take your boots off during the course of a day.

So which is better?

The answer is that both have pluses and minuses and both will be suitable for completely different work places, however …………….

…….boots with both laces and a zip offer the best of both worlds and quite a few people go for this option which means they have all bases covered!

If you are unsure about whether a zip is suitable for the site you will be working just ask your employer before you buy new boots. They will have workplace health and safety regulations to which they have to comply .

Whatever you need, why not check out Work Wear and Boots Discount Direct and see what we have in stock? You are sure to find the right work boot for your job!

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